Photography Courses

I am running three one-day ‘Fast Start’ courses. They are called ‘Fast Start’ because they are intended to cut through the hundreds of pages of written material that are presented to photographers in their instruction books, and get you up and running in just one day.

Each course will cover the major topics you need to know to get started and move forward. Each topic is covered in sufficient detail so you understand and can apply the things that are important. It will be a full day, and is planned so as to combine classroom work with carefully designed practical exercises, so theory is quickly reinforced with practice.

The courses are aimed at the beginner, or those having some understanding but who still find things a bit unclear. No previous knowledge is assumed.

The three courses are:

1) Introduction to digital photography: 19th July 2014
This course covers the fundamentals of taking photographs with a digital camera, including: camera controls and what they do, file types, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, lenses.

2) Taking better photographs. 23rdsAugust 2014
This course will look at what makes a ‘good’ photograph. The ‘rules of composition’ will be covered, and how they apply to different types of photography, for example landscape, people, garden and flower and others. Many practical tips and illustrations will be included, along with practical exercises to put the theory into practice.

3) Introduction to Lightroom. 6th Sept 2014
Lightroom is an excellent software package and is ideal for photographers of all levels, and allows you to easily manage your photographs on the computer. This course will cover the most important features including how to load, store and find, enhance and manipulate, export and print your photographs.

Course 'crib sheets' available: these provide easy to read notes of the courses. Handy if you can't attend the course, or as pre reading. Cost refunded if you attend the course.

Buy more than one course to achieve significant discounts:

1 course £90 1 course crib sheet £4
2 courses £155 2 course crib sheet £7
3 courses £195 3 course crib sheets £9

The courses are held in the Shooting Lodge at Luton Hoo Walled Garden, just north of Harpenden. The Walled Garden has a fascinating history and is rich in photographic opportunity. The Walled Garden will provide an excellent location for our practical work

Interested? Please email me via the 'Contact me' tab.